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Last week was no different to any other week. The Program Directors namely, Cathee, Karen and Melissa, with support from Ashley, worked tirelessly to organize and lead the programs. As a volunteer I sometimes wonder how they manage to achieve so much when their day also includes counseling the families of the participants, creating new subject matter and leading other diverse programs such as Brain Boosters and training the volunteers. Somehow they succeed and the Participants love the programs. I don’t want to sound as if I am being “patronizing” but through my eyes, as they say on the PGA Tour: these guys are good!

I was fortunate to assist on three days last week and I can only conclude that my life was a blur! There were news reports on current affairs, a Jeopardy quiz, music trivia, bingo, therapy dog visits, the delightful Sun City chime ringers and our fantastic Friday band. There was much more but I need to limit the length of this blog and instead reflect on the smiles on the faces of the participants, their laughter and their encouraging socialization.

I shall never forget the singing on Friday. One of the other volunteers had told me about someone I had not before met, namely “Jim” the Participant singer. He knew every word to every song played by the band, and every song we improvised later in the afternoon. The musical therapy stretched way beyond Jim and touched everyone present, whether they were dancing or just listening to his music.

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