IMG_0470In the tightly knit world of Memory Matters there are numerous human stories warmly recollected and forever cherished by those who have been touched by them. Whether they are staff, volunteers or the families living with the dementia of a loved one, all these people are seamlessly bound together and are able to articulate stories of hope, perseverance, faith, humor, inspiration and love.

Without any doubt, those who bear the greatest burden are the caregivers, very often a husband, wife or other close family member. In future weeks and months as these real human stories unfold these pages will continue to talk about them in a positive way and,  take you inside the Memory Matters world.

In this post I wanted to look back a little and recommend reading for the first time or, maybe second or third time, the Memory Matters coffee-table book dedicated to our Caregivers. It’s called “Meet Me Where I Am”, and for those interested in buying a copy please go to our website at Memory Matters.

Let me share just one page beautifully authored by one of our Caregivers – Wanda Eastham. Wanda also contributed the original painting on the book’s front cover.


Keep moving…

Watch your step.

Find “refreshment” where you can…Cool waters flow to soothe your weary soul.

Absorb every good moment to nourish and cleanse the Self.

Don’t look back…For time has moved on.

If you raise your eyes from the rocky crags…You will see the Light.

Always direct your gaze upward…And the Light will Brighten.

Concentrate on the Forward Glow…And find your “Song of Knowing” to Sing.

Reach as you Climb…Trusting in the Unseen Hand.

You are NOT alone on this Journey.


Please share this if you believe it could help someone.




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