Children can, and do, make a difference to the lives of many.

This was clearly evidenced yesterday when two children (Brody aged almost nine (!) and his sister Connor aged seven) spent the morning helping our Program Director Melissa and the volunteers at Memory Matters Connections Club. Brody had previously attended a Social Day Care session and he was anxious to return again and engage with our Club Members. Not wishing to be left out of the fun, his sister was keen to join us too. Naturally Grandad (aka G-Dad) was excited to bring them both to our amazing Connections Club program. As a matter of full disclosure, and in case my readers have not already guessed, these are two of my wonderful Grandchildren! My 16 month old Grandson George Arthur has also previously made an appearance.

It was a happy coincidence that Melissa had set the days theme and program as Family Reunion.

Brody and Connor did a great job helping to personally greet each and every Participant and always with a smile. Brody served up cookies and juice and totally engaged himself in the program. The photos show our “new” Program Director seated at the head of the room debating his sports activities with his able assistant (Melissa!) and telling everyone just how great an athlete his Mom was……..UVA Lacrosse Hall of Fame and US Lacrosse World Cup Gold Medal Winner. Oh yes! His Dad was mentioned as a pretty good golf instructor but Brody delighted in telling everyone that his Mom was the most important person in his home!

Mother Teresa once said “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do”.

The smiles and laugher were in abundance yesterday and were heartwarming to see.

The morning at Connections was a blur of activity. We attempted to create as many words as possible from the two words: Family Reunion. There are over two hundred and everyone  found at least thirty. To Connor and Brody it was a huge challenge, but our volunteer Judy was the leader in the Clubhouse at the end of the allotted time.

Then we all enjoyed yoga before G-Dad recounted his recent European family reunion adventures with Flat Stanley (a children’s book character) and read from the blog that Brody had requested he write. When I suggested to Brody that he should pay me $10 per page (31 pages of posts in all), one of our noble Participants said “that’s a great deal” which was met with raucous laughter! But I’m not holding my breath!

There followed a sing-along where Connor performed the actions to the “Unicorn” (green alligator) song, and we sang “A Hard Days Night” (Beatles), “Wagon Wheel” (Darius Rucker), and “Side by Side”. The latter being very appropriate with both Brody and I playing guitar.

After a great lunch with fun socialization  we concluded the day with some 60’s music trivia and I am proud to say we were 100% accurate. Well done team!

Finally we spent some quality time talking about our own family reunions and in particular  what we were doing in the 1960’s. My favorite answer from a sporting Participant was that he “was busy chasing skirts”!

Such an enjoyable day. Children do make us relax, leave our worries behind and simply smile!

Please share this if you believe it would help someone.


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