Our Connections classes continue to grow in size this year. Why is that? It could be any one of the many things I have written about over the past 18 months, through the eyes of this volunteer.

In truth it’s a blend of everything we do: the art, yoga and music therapy, socialization, a place to meet friends on a regular basis, brain stimulating exercises involving numbers, words and sometimes a healthy debate about life in general. The classes always have a theme and typically there will be a new theme each month allowing different facets of the theme to be taught and debated. However, there is one constant we strive to achieve each and every week and that is simply laughter!

Whether it is caused by an amusing idea or conversation, laughter is in the air that we breathe.

We continue to offer a failure free and dignified environment, and our Connection class participants work really quite hard to stretch their brains and keep them positively exercised.

This last week the theme of our Connections program was “Community”. The world, continent, country, state, county, town or island. Church, business segment, university alumni association, family, and so on. Our participants came up with many more.

Having eased into the subject the challenge this week was to stretch our imagination at first individually, and then as a team. So four tables of approximately eight people had to decide what they would take with them if they were to be abandoned on a desert island. They were each allowed one individual item and one food item. Oh, yes! Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and George Clooney were not allowed! Laughter!

I can report that there were some intriguing and innovative ideas created to help get them back off the island or to provide for the building of a community. Building on the indivdual items the four teams developed their islands and to say this was fun would be the understatement of the year!

The islands were called:

  • “Motel 6 Island” specializing in literary groups where driving red Ferrari’s seemed to be the order of the day.
  • “Nutty Island” partly due to the inhabitants crazy ideas, but also because of the abundance of beneficial coconuts. This was an interesting island that specialized in community outreach to the other three islands and enjoyed music from a variety of sources.
  • “Healthy Island” specializing in spa treatment and healthy foods with a wonderful Winnebago to call home.
  • “Magic Lamp Island” with a plethora of books and writing materials and the magic lamp itself, whereby the women who were stranded on this island could summon “young men” to come and visit them! Most of us were disappointed with the “young” tag, but we laughed a lot about this too!

My favorite quotation at Memory Matters is by Dr. Seuss. “sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”

Memories tend to be reinforced by laughter. I guarantee that our participants will long recall the laughter this week and the islands they created.

They will remember some of the words to the 59th Bridge Street song (Feeling Groovy) that we played and sang together and, they will remember laughing at the charades we played at the end of the day.

Laughter is one contagious thing that heals … try to laugh every day!


For information about Memory Matters including a free of charge memory test, call 1 843 842 6688. All calls are treated with confidentiality. Ask about our Connections program and make an appointment to sample a Connections day in our memory care center.

Memory Matters Vision is to Optimize Brain Wellness



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